Pamela McCabe

Pamela McCabe, School Counselor at O.H. Anderson received a $1,200 grant to purchase Second Step Curriculum materials for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms at OH Anderson Elementary to promote social emotional competence and self-regulation.  

Anne Erickson

Anne Erickson, High School Counselor was granted $815.69 to pay for the RADS-2 Depression Screening Tool used in the on-going Depression Screening, Suicide Prevention Project at Mahtomedi High School.  

Claudine Goodrich & Kathy Cichosz

Claudine Goodrich and Kathy Cichosz, 7th Grade English Teachers received a grant of $800 to bring motivational speaker, Steve Mireau to present a program to the entire 7th grade class at Mahtomedi Middle School for a third year.


Anne Erickson



Anne Erickson, High School Counselor, was granted $500 for the Top Secret Project. This program was developed by the Hazleton/Betty Ford Foundation and helps parents and professionals recognize signs of substance abuse and other mental health concerns. This new program is also receiving support from school administration, the Parent Communication Network and local law enforcement. 

Terry Trautman, High School Mental Health Resource Specialist received a grant of $250 to bring 2008 Mahtomedi graduate Adam Moen to speak to the senior class for a second year. Adam speaks about his own experiences with depression and suicide, normalizes struggling with mental heath concerns and encourages students to reach out for help. 


Cate Willers, High School Biology Teacher was granted $545 for materials to create a space where students can learn and experiment with techniques for stress management and relaxation one day a week during Lunch and Learn time at the high school.