Pamela McCabe

Pamela McCabe, School Counselor at O.H. Anderson received a $1,200 grant to purchase Second Step Curriculum materials for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms in the district to promote social emotional competence and self-regulation. 

Anne Erickson

Anne Erickson, High School Counselor was granted $570 to pay for the RADS-2 Depression Screening Tool used in the on-going Depression Screening, Suicide Prevention Project at Mahtomedi High School.  

Claudine Goodrich & Kathy Cichosz

Claudine Goodrich and Kathy Cichosz, 7th Grade English Teachers received a grant of $1400 to bring motivational speaker, Steve Mireau to present a program to the entire 7th grade class at Mahtomedi Middle School with an extension into two advisories.


Beth Sneden


Beth Sneden, Assistant Special Education Director was granted $2000 for forums to provide parents with information on how to support their children. In May, speaker Erin Walsh presented a program in the Chautauqua entitled “Stress and the Brain: Raising Resilient Kids”.  Erin will return to work with staff in December with the help of grant funds.