Terry Trautman

Terry Trautman , Mental Health Resource Specialist, requested $200 to bring 2008 MHS graduate Adam Moen to speak to the senior class at Mahtomedi high school.   

Kathleen Cichosz & Virginia Mancini

Kathy Cichosz and Virginia Mancini, 7th Grade English Teachers received a grant of $900 to bring motivational speaker, Steve Mireau, to present a program to the entire 7th grade class at Mahtomedi Middle School.

Michlyn Newman & Jean Oswald

Kindergarten teacher, Michlyn Newman and Media Specialist, Jean Oswald received a grant of $2000 to bring author Matt de la Pena to present to all of the students at Wildwood Elementary.

Julie Rolling, Carol Hokenson, & Heather Fox

Julie Rolling, Mental Health Counselor, Carol Hokenson, Intervention Specialist and Heather Fox, Special Education Teacher received a grant of $1,000 for tuition and expenses to attend the Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health in November 2019.