MAEF supports and enhances Mahtomedi Public Schools to engage, challenge and inspire all students from birth to graduation (E-12).

Learn about MAEF's history in the Mahtomedi Community


MAEF's success depends upon the generous contributions of community members who share our organizational mission. Well over half our work is done by community volunteers. 100% of our funding is from private individuals, foundations & corporations. MAEF hosts two fundraising events each year: the Fall Fund Drive Campaign occurs each fall and Legacy Night, our annual gala occurs each spring. Please see our Donate tab to learn more about contributing as a donor or volunteer.

MAEF enjoys a strong working relationship with District 832 staff, teachers and community members; local civic and fraternal organizations. These relationships allow us to fulfill our mission and ensure operational efficiencies. By leveraging the expertise of staff and volunteers within these organizations, we are able to make a broad impact.

Board of Trustees

  • Julie Bixby - President

  • Suzanne Anderson - Past President

  • Dainna Bartness - Vice President

  • Jeri Parkin - Secretary

  • Brandon Navara - Treasurer

  • Dr. David Bennett

  • Eric Bratvold

  • Paul Donna

  • Sarah Johnson

  • Ben Kepple

  • Kate Krampe

  • Abby Moffitt

  • Mithra Ramaley

  • Steve Ritt

  • Kelly Schultz

  • Dixon Tews

  • Barbara White

  • Molly Wick

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Barb Duffrin - District 832 Superintendent

  • Julie McGraw - School Board Representative

  • Patrick Miller - American Legion Kramer Berg Post 507 Representative

Honorary Life Trustees

  • Phil Bruner

  • Bryan Gatzlaff

  • Karen Kepple

  • Steve Wolgamot


  • Kevin Donovan, Development Director

  • Catherine Sawyer, Operations Director

  • Karen Moen, Accounting Associate

  • Sarah Newman, Office Assistant

Board Committees

The Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation depends upon a community of dedicated volunteers to conduct organizational business. Much of our work is done on a committee level. Committees are comprised of board members and community members with a passion for the committee's work. Committee meetings are held throughout the year. Committees include:

  • Alumni Committee - Bridget Johnson, Chair

  • Executive Committee - Julie Bixby, Chair

  • Finance Committee - Brandon Navara, Chair

  • Legacy Night Gala Committee - Maria Roeller and Kate Krampe, Co-Chairs

  • Fall Fund Drive Committee - Dainna Bartness, Chair

  • Grants Committee - Carrie Cunnington and Shannon Robinson, Co-Chairs

  • Investment Committee - Tim Mitchell, Chair

  • Scholarships Committee - Sarah Johnson, Chair

  • Zephyr Legacy Fund Committee - Phil Bruner, Chair