Julie Rolling, Mahtomedi Middle School Counselor, in front of the extra clothing she keeps on hand in her office for students in need.

Meet Julie Rolling

No one knows better than Julie Rolling, Licensed Professional Counselor for Mahtomedi Schools and District Homeless Liaison, that kids just want to feel like everyone else.  For many students this includes participating in sports, enrolling in visual art classes, and trying out for theater productions.   But, what do all these extra-curricular opportunities have in common?  Fees.  

For some students in our district their family resources are stretched thin, and in some cases beyond the means of affording basic needs which, in addition to food and shelter, also includes school supplies, clothing, social and athletic activities.  

As a school counselor, Julie’s task is to support student’s academic achievement.  This, she said, “reaches beyond the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Well-rounded students require the stability that basic needs provide.”

While not the majority in Mahtomedi, there are a number of students for whom additional MAEF supported programs like Back-to-School Bashes (parties that provide school supplies) and Weekend Food Packs (food for students who might go without over the weekend) are essential for school readiness and building self-esteem.    

Last year, MAEF’s health and wellness sponsorship enabled Julie to support Mahtomedi families with funds for basic needs like food and shelter, as well as classroom fees and supplies, behavior incentives for IEP goals and extracurricular activities.  MAEF is committed to supporting the Mahtomedi Public Schools to engage, challenge and inspire students and staff. Julie’s incredible work with students demonstrates MAEF’s ability to support faculty and staff, as well as an example of how together we are able to provide financial assistance and make possible what would otherwise not be the case.

Julie, whose commitment to cultivating academic excellence and well-rounded students, is just one example of your MAEF dollars at work.  

Thank you, Julie!  And thank you for your financial support of MAEF.

By Alicia Gatto Petersen